The presentation step by step




We are four students in English at the University of Mulhouse. As part of our course of U.S. literature, we need to do research on Gertrude Stein and study an aspect of his life. We have chosen the topic of "Exile and the Lost Generation."


In this section 'Blog', we will post short summaries of our various meetings that will help us to move forward in our submission until the end.
Photos and videos will come to illustrate these summaries.

Happy reading.

Charlotte, Fanny, Elea and Joanna

Fourth meeting -Wednesday, Novembre 24


Sound recording and layout of the video.

Sends final

Third meeting - Thursday, Novembre 11



We gather our writings and publish our first parts of the presentation.

Final draft of the introduction and conclusion.

Second Meeting - Saturday, Novembre 6


We decided to meet again  to update us on our research.

We each do our share of research and moving in the drafting of the conclusion.

A new idea is added for the construction of the introduction: show a video with background music as our voice reading it.

During our research on various authors of the Lost Generation, we've found other writers who are descended, as Jerome Rothenberg who made a pass at our institution.

First meeting - Tuesday, October 26.


First meeting to establish an initial plan for the presentation.

We collect our first research in order to draw the first conclusions.

Each of us have chosen distinct parts so that work can proceed quickly and that everyone has the same amount of work.

Fanny and Joanna will work on the Exile.

Charlotte and Elea will work on the 'Lost Generation'

A draft of our plan is now chosen, research and different readings will beautify and may subsequently change the plan

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