An emblematic figure



The early 20th century saw the developement of an  author: Gertrude Stein.  She has imposed a very particular writing style and 'avant-garde' writings. She had no link with other movements in or outside her country. As we just saw in this presentation, she went into exile both through her many travels and through her writings. It was her way to get over things : she avoided obstacles and she forgot a painful love affair thanks to her novels. 

More than that, Stein wanted to build a language and a literature in the United States without differentiating  the two. Her very specific way of writing influenced a new wave of young writers. Like her, they escaped from their American life in order not to have to face it. These artists formed the 'Lost Generation', characterized by an innovative and unconventional writing : like Gertrude Stein was. The 'Lost Generation' has also influenced other generations of authors : as Gertrude Stein did before.

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