The 'Lost Generation' has also influenced other generations of authors : as Gertrude Stein did before.



Now that we have proved Stein's influence through the Lost Generation, it would be interesting to see if there is nothing left of her in the contemporary literature. There are a couple of contemporary artists whose work reveals a certain influence of Stein's writings. As a way to conclude, we would to focus on one of them.



He is an American writer of 79 years old : Jerome Rothenberg. He is well-known for his poems and his translations of famous German poets - as Paul Celan or Günter Grass. But to talk about Stein's influence we would like to introduce to you Rothenberg's first book : White Sun Black Sun. Since his beginning as a writer - before that, he wrote anthologies and translated poems - Jerome Rothenberg looked for what he called "a revolution in words". Does it not ring a bell ? "A revolution in words" had already begun with Gertrude Stein's poetry. Jerome Rothenberg himself said : "The emergence of the Beats at the same time was the first public signal that we weren't alone in the desire to assert or reassert what we thought of as a new revolution-of-the-word and a second awakening of a radical and unfettered modernism." " A new revolution-of-the-word" means that he is aware of the first one : actually, he admits himself the influence of Stein in his early works.

For instance, if we compare "Study of Nature" (by Stein) ( and "I will not eat my poem (by Rothenberg) ( the aspect is pretty much the same. Moreover, there is the same play on rhythm, enjambment, words and their meanings and their interpretation. Rothenberg and Stein have the same tendency to focus on sonorities and aesthetic. But the content is here meaningful too, the "form", the "shape" is not the only thing that makes their poems : it is rather complicated, surely abstract but thrilling to study.

We hope you appreciated our presentation on Gertrude Stein : Exile and the Lost Generation.

Finally, by reading books by Stein, by reading books about Stein, we have been led to meditate on the following question : was really Gertrude Stein the mother of the Lost Generation or was she, after all, The Mother of Us All ? "

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